Film and Video Transfers

Cherish & Preserve Your Home Movies on DVD!

Movie Film to DVD Transfer

Do you have old family movies that you haven’t seen for years because your projector no longer works or the film is damaged in some way? Those old movies with your family history on them are probably sitting in a closet gathering dust and getting dried out and brittle. Before you know it, those memories will be gone forever. Let VMG transfer those moives to DVD so you and future generations can see them. 

The VMG movie transfer process involves several steps during which we treat your film with great care as if it were our own. For a first hand look at our process watch the accompanying video above.

  1. We inspect, clean, repair and lubricate your film.
  2. For larger orders, we splice your 3 inch reels onto 7 inch reels and return them to you in an archival case.
  3. The movies are then transferred to a digital media under the supervision of a trained technician who monitors and adjusts color to improve your final product.
  4. If you need to rearrange the order of you films, we perform this in our editing system using the digital media.
  5. Your DVD is then made from our digital media or from the editing system. When completed, you get your film back and also your new DVD. Additional DVD copies are quite inexpensive.

Video Transfers

Isn’t it time to transfer your old or obsolete camcorder tapes to DVD?  We can help. VMG transfers the following:

VHS-C (compact VHS)
Hi 8
Regular 8
Mini DV
Micro DV
Mini DVD
Extra DVD copies

All DVDs are provided in a high quality blockbuster style case.

Video Tape and DVD Duplication

If you need a copy of a videotape or DVD whether it’s one copy or 100, VMG is the place. We copy tapes in the following formats: VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, DV, DVD and others. Custom laser printed DVD labels and sleeves are also available.

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